Saport’advisor #6 : 2 days in Montpellier

You enjoy the South of France ? Feeling the sunlight over your head and hearing the waves playing with the sand ? You want to discover a new place ? Share a car and spend the week-end  in Montpellier ! Melissa has planned the trip for you 😉

Montpellier is a great city where you can enjoy the historic center with its 19th century buildings as well as malls or beach. Everything is around and you don’t even need a car to go from one place to another because you have…the tramway !

If you go by car-sharing, and I recommend you to do so, make sure people drop you at     « Odysseum », which they do most of the time. Here, you can travel easily by tramway. I urge you to buy a one-day ticket which is way less expensive than tickets one by one. 


Crédits photo : Google image

At Odysseum, you should go to the mall, which is actually roofless so that you can still enjoy the sun while shopping. If you arrive early in the morning, I suggest that you can have a breakfast at « Ma Première cantine » : they will serve you toasts, different chocolate spreads, jams, and honey. If you like coffee, ask for their iced one.  You can even have some extra bread ! 

Then, take the tramway, the one going to la Mosson, and stop at « La Comédie ». You are in the center of the city. On « La Com », you can see the three Graces statue just in front of the Opera. The circus used to be smaller : all around the statue, you can see a green line which marks the older place. Enjoy your time in the historical center. You can go to the « Pavillon Populaire », where you can enjoy photographs exhibition for free and you may have a rest on the roof of « le Corum », which is a theater. If you really enjoy art, you can visit « le Musée Fabre » which is situated on the « Esplanade », in front of the Pavillon Populaire.  Moreover, on Saturday morning, there is a book market where you can buy some enjoyable books for nothing. Then, you must have a walk in « La rue des cartes ». For lunch, you may eat a salad in a salad bar named « chez Cécé » ( 4 Rue Jacques d’Aragon, 34000 Montpellier ), which is quite cheap and pleasant. 

In the evening,  I advise you to go to a cocktail bar named « Rhum Runner » ( 12 Rue Jules Latreilhe ) where you can taste some original cocktails.  The atmosphere is really cool and the bar tenders are young and bouncy; they will serve you with pleasure. You can enjoy a great atmosphere in the borough and have something to eat, depending on your tastes. For example, you may go to Matt’burger ( 1 rue en Gondeau ) to try their home-made chips at will.


Crédits photo : Clara Grouzis

On Sunday morning, you can have a wonderful brunch at Bonobo ( 46 rue Saint Guilhem), down town and enjoy resting in « le Jardin des plantes ». Then, you must take the tram to Perols, and go to the beach ! Have an ice-cream and enjoy ! You can even have eat some mussels and chips. 


Crédits photo : Google image

During Ascension holidays, there is an event in Montpellier called « le FISE » for « Festival International de Sports Extrêmes » where, if you have the opportunity, you must go ! It is a four-days festival where everyone goes because it is free and the atmosphere is just great even is you don’t really enjoy riding. 

So don’t hesitate, feel free to go and discover this new place !

Clara Grouzis

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