Adopt an International student !

Last Tuesday evening, you were numerous to participate in the mentoring program organized by L’Asso Internationale. A party to discuss, discover, learn and debate, drinking a pint. 

The bar was cracked and the music was loud. People were talking even louder than the music, in French, in English and sometimes in Spanish or in German. A lot of them were waiting for their match : some of the new students actually chose to stay in their bed, probably watching Netflix, because they had class at 8 on Wednesday.

But over the music, the non-french students touted our beautiful city and « notre bonne maison ». Plenty of them are glad to live under the sun, far away from the dullness and the rain. Jakob also told us that, here, the teachers were really interesting. 

The beginning of the semester might have been a little bit difficult for some of them : Jakob tried to attend lessons in French but it was too hard for him even though he speaks very good French. But it is also the opportunity for Téah to travel around Europe. That may remind good moments to some of you…

In front of the Splendid, the party continued. French people were trying to speak English as the newcomers were talking fluently. Switching from a language to another, they were debating about politics and society. About Evo Morales and the differences between young people all over the world. 

We asked the association a few questions about the event :

Saport’actu : Why is it important to arrange this form of mentoring ?

L’Asso Internationale : « The « soirée parrainage » is the first time international students are in contact with Sciences po students, that’s why we really want it to be a success. It can be very difficult for international students to become friends with French students : the aim of the parrainage is to create links between international students and French students so that they feel as integrated as possible in the school. » 

Saport’actu : Do you think it was a success ? 

L’Asso Internationale : « We think it was a success, many international and French students did come and everyone seemed to get to know each other ! Our only issue was that the bar did not follow our instructions about the music and only played French music, we probably won’t organize another event there. Otherwise we’re very happy about how the evening went and hope you all had fun ! We still have many projects to come so stay tuned ! »

Kisses from Melissa !

Clara Grouzis

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