Saport’advisor #1 : An Unusual trip

The « Pavillon Vendôme » is offering an incredible experience of art. The exhibition presents the collaboration between the Spanish artist Picasso and the young Villers

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When you enter the villa, all you see are black and white pictures in a gorgeous room with a big chandelier. When you get closer, you distinguish characters and forms. Something has been glued onto the pieces of work. Then you read the sentence written on the wall bellow :

 « Picasso intervened on my photos, and I revisited what he had done. Yes, I retouched Picasso’s work and he acted as if that were normal.  » André Villers  

At this moment, you realize that those childlike pictures are the work of two geniuses of art : Villers, aged 22 and the famous Picasso who was… 72. But regarding art, they understood each other, in a way no one could. Their special work is the result of that particular friendship and lies in the collection « Diurnes ». In the « Pavillon de Vendôme », a room is dedicated to the book. Same surprise when you see the cover : simple drawings ! See for yourself.


Crédits photo : Clara Grouzis

However, the exhibition shows a side of Picasso which is not widespread. In Diurnes, he, and André Villers play with light, shadows, spaces and forms without any limits. You can even see a selfie ! The old man is topless, and wearing a wet blanket. Villers is dressed with a shirt and a jacket  and holding a camera from the sixties…


Crédits photo : Clara Grouzis

But no matter how childish the work is, Jacques Prévert, a famous French poet signed the preface of the work. He underlines the peculiarity of those two individuals and of their encounter.  All along the visit, we discover an unusual world but, it turns out to be a pleasant one.

Discover this exhibition up until September 30th !



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